LUNA STORTA Bianco Passito

Collezione Vintage

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"Luna Storta" is obtained by drying selected grapes from the Montello hills on wooden racks to achieve the right sugar concentration. Being a conversation wine, it can also be enjoyed on its own.


The grapes, once harvested, are rested on racks, as was tradition wants, and checked periodically. The grape drying period can last until January. After pressing, fermentation is very slow and long given the high sugar concentration of the resulting must.


Alcohol: 15,00%
Sugar dosage: 130,00g/l
Color: intense golden yellow
Bouquet: pineapple, dried fruit, honey
Aroma: sweet, slightly tannic, robust, full-bodied


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An excellent dessert wine, it goes beautifully with dry pastries and tarts. Also try it with tiramisu and with dessert with candied fruit.

This wine harks back to the tradition of passito wines from the Trevisan hills, in which winemaking was carried out during the waning moon, hence the name "Luna Storta." It is the classic conversation wine ideally to be served at the end of a meal.

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