Intervista ad Alberto Serena

OCTOBER 25 2018
Research, biodiversity and territory: the three key points to Montelvini’s ambitious project

Montelvini continues to invest energy and passion into the recovery of “Vigneto Ritrovato” (Rediscovered Vineyard), in search of its origins and the origins of Asolo Prosecco DOCG. Exactly one year has passed since the project was introduced, when the company, a symbol of the most representative and authentic Montello denomination, announced its desire to revive this small abandoned vineyard, the only one in the heart of Asolo town, already present at the time of the Napoleonic maps.
An important new phase is now opening. In collaboration with CREA-VE (Research Centre for Viticulture and Oenology), a Glera clone typical of the area has been identified, which has practically disappeared over the years as it is not very productive. Thanks to technicians, agronomists and oenologists, the soil is now being prepared to plant the rooted grafts at the beginning of next year. The clone is the ISV VA8 clone to be more precise, a Glera selection of Asolan origin with interesting qualitative characteristics and typically representative of the territory. “The Rediscovered Vineyard is a project that requires time, resources and dedication,” explains Alberto Serena, managing director of Montelvini, creator, in person, of the project . “Each choice, every action must be carefully calibrated, maintaining the delicate balance between landscape, oenology, history and territory”.
The Serena family’s interest in researching and preserving biodiversity in this area is reflected in initiatives such as this, testifying to the desire to keep up this viticulture with a long history. A viticulture that, over time, has maintained the biological diversity of the vines, preserving minor varieties and one that was already known for its quality at the time of the Serenissima Republic of Venice; so much so that wines from this area were taxed more than other products in the Treviso area.
The project of the “Rediscovered Vineyard” recounts the special link between the company and the “City of a hundred horizons”, a symbol of culture and history, the heart of the Prosecco Superiore Asolo Docg denomination. A territory where grapes have been an integral part of the landscape, since the noble Contarini family, owner of the land, had what is now known as the “Armeni Villa” built in 1558. In fact, the “Rediscovered Vineyard” overlooks Villa Contarini and the famous Italian garden of Villa De Mattia. In this ambitious project, the Serena family is supported by a multidisciplinary working group, a real pool of professionals, made up of architects and landscape specialists, university professors, documentarians and historians, municipal institutions and experts in viticulture.