From father to son, the work and the passion have been passed down for five generations.

For 135 years, the roots on which our company is founded have been intertwined with the surrounding territory, giving rise to a perfect alchemy, a source of excellence. We owe our longevity to our territory, to our sense of belonging to it, and to the respect that comes from this alliance.
An alliance that has become, over time, an unbreakable bond, the principle of the recognized quality of our wines.



A land full
of riches.


The hills of Asolo and Montello are two hill systems almost in their own right, characterized by an altitude ranging from 100 to 450 meters above sea level. The climatic peculiarities of this area consist of warm springs, summers thatare not excessively hot, and mild autumns thanks to the south-facing slopes, the shape of the reliefs that are placed at right angles, to the cold winds coming from the northeast and the strong temperature variations between night and day.
Precipitation is about 700mm between April and September, but it is thanks to the hilly ground, which allows easy disposal of excess water and the loose nature of the terrain, that allows fast subsurface infiltration. The landscape of the hills is characterized by a strong integrity that has preserved the original soils, favorable to cultivation and vineyards.
The morphological characters, in fact, have remained unchanged from those described by travelers of the past, where the slopes and curves still provide sweetness and harmony in this chosen place.
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Forever a synonym
of Prosecco throughout
the world,
DOCG certified.


The production of Prosecco in the area is an ancient tradition, developed and improved over time thanks to the foundation of the Scuola di Viticoltura ed Enologia (School of Viticulture and Enology) and the Stazione Sperimentale per la Viticoltura (Viticulture Experimental Station).
The hilly area of about 18,000 hectares, where vines are grown only on the sunniest part, between 50 and 500 meters above sea level, is the origin of this wine known around the world for its unique features.
The DOCG Prosecco has created the profile, the taste and the very life of this land, of which it retains the distinct and unmistakable identity.
A straw color, and a moderate fullness and freshness, accompany its exclusively fruity and floral aroma.
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“One of the great wines that graced the tables of Roman dignitaries and lengthened the life of its consumers”.



The wine production of the Veneto region, and particularly that of Treviso, has always been synonymous with superior quality, deep passion, experimentation and a challenge towards new achievements in excellence.
The cultivation of the vines in the Treviso hills has its roots in a very ancient time, historically suited to the production of Pucino wine, what is now known as Prosecco, famously extolled by the ancient Romans for its characteristics.
Today, thanks to the particular nature of the land, being well-exposed and with good drainage, the DOC is a symbol of territorial prestige. It is the technical and scientific capacity of man that provides the key to the essence of Prosecco, a wine with an unmistakable character.
The designation of origin, guarantees the quality
of the best-known Italian sparkling wine in the world.
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Presa IX

The holding Presa IX takes the name of the street (presa) that leads up to it. The “prese” are Montello’s road network: they are the result of the careful control of forest land requested by the Republic of Venice since 1400.
La Serenissima (another name for Venice) had, in this region, its woodland area that allowed the construction of the foundations of the most beautiful and famous city in the world. There are 21 small roads across the hill, mostly unpaved, and each is dedicated to a hero of the First World War, because Montello was also the scene of the Battle of the Solstice.


Le Zuitere

Venegazzù is the region where the headquarters of Montelvini are located, and Le Zuitere is the farm that surrounds it. Venegazzù comes from “vignazui,” the winemakers: those who work with vines, who love them, they cultivate them and turn them into that sweet nectar that we all know. The emblem of the town, dating from 1600, indeed portrays a vine. There could be no more appropriate place to establish our headquarters. Zuitere, in the Venetian dialect, means “land of owls”. This small nocturnal bird of prey, a symbol of wisdom since the times of ancient Greece, is the emblem of the winery.


Fontana Masorin

Fontana Masorin owes its name to a natural source of water that flows around the edges of the estate in one of the most fascinating sinkholes of Montello. Legend has it that once upon a time, around the Fontana Masorin source from which it takes its name, lived three evil farmers intent on polluting that water so that no one could use it. But one day, a female figure appeared – some say a nymph, while others say it was a fairy, still others the Madonna – who transformed the shady characters into wolves.
After this, the appearance of the water became clear, turning into a priceless resource for the inhabitants of the district. Today Fontana Masorin produces great wines, always with the aim of giving true enthusiasts a treasure trove of rare excellence.