Wine is part of the family.

For 135 years, the Serena family has dedicated itself to wine production with skill and passion. In 1968, Armando Serena, current president of Montelvini, embarked on an innovative, experimental and forward-thinking road, initiating autonomous wine production in Venegazzù, a small region in Montello, creating a new style wine producer, unique in the most important growth years for international wine culture.

The soul of Montelvini is traditional in terms of wine production methods, and modern in terms of its business management model,constantly keeping up with the times.Today, in fact, Armando Serena is flanked by his children Alberto, vice president and sales manager for the company,and Sarah, administrative and head of marketing and communications.

Montelvini, the strength of the family, the history of Italian wine.


City of Asolo, in search of
an undiscovered territory.

Green fields, vineyards and rocks are the characteristics of Asolo, “City of a Hundred Horizons.” Ambassador for art, lady of ancient history, ruler of the hills of Asolo, silent and precious, it extends between frames of olive and cypress trees, decorating the area with lush vineyards.
A treasure trove of people who created history: from Eleonora Duse to Caterina Cornaro, they chose Asolo as their home, creating a sumptuous court of Renaissance artists, writers and poets. In addition to its renowned charm, Asolo today offers the production of high-quality DOCG-certified wines, thanks to key points of excellence such as the peculiarity of the gravel-based terrain, medium-texture clay,and its mild microclimate. The Montelvini company, president of the Consorzio Tutela Vini Montello e Colli Asolani (Consortium for the Protection of Wines from Montello and Asolo Hills), boasts the production of two highly prestigious DOCG wines: Asolo Prosecco Superiore and Montello Rosso, precious pearls of the international wine scene, and symbols of the company’s dedication to this passionate land.


Work still based on strong ties
and sincere relationships.

The years spent cultivating vines and improving all phases of our winemaking have created a valuable bond of loyal and cohesive cooperation, nurtured by our passion for the territory and our dedication to excellence. This is the most valuable asset we have, the people who take care of our grapes with us, are the engine of the historicity that has always distinguished us, giving us, harvest after harvest, the DOC and DOCG wines that make us proud.


The alliance is growing day by day among the Montelvini vines.


A winery that combines tradition
in what it does, with a
modern approach to management.

The volume and production technology have certainly changed, and what could once be managed by a single person today requires the control of a team of technicians, who painstakingly follow each stage of the process, to ensure a standard of extremely high quality.
What has not changed is the principle that determines every decision we make: namely a wine that conserves its aromatic and fruity characteristics of our Glera vines as much as possible, not simply choosing the most economical or convenient method.