nuovo protocollo serenitatis


Intervista ad Alberto Serena

4 July 2018
Details about the new sparkling wine and vinification method developed by Montelvini to improve production of Asolo Prosecco DOCG.

Greater body, more flavour and increasingly intense fruity aromas. These are the elements enhanced by the new sparkling wine and vinification process developed for the 2017 vintage of Asolo Prosecco DOCG Serenitatis from the Serena family. Such measures are able to preserve and enhance the qualities of the wines originating from the particular terroir of the appellation, where viticulture is a lasting tradition that has maintained the biodiversity of the vines, even preserving the minor varieties over time. Already during the period of the Serenissima Republic of Venice, this viticulture was known for its quality, so much so that wines from the Asolo and Montella territory were taxed more than other products in the Treviso area.

Applied to all the wines of the Serenitatis Line, the process requires a careful selection of vinery and raw materials, cutting-edge technology with the latest-generation presses, and a state-of-the-art laboratory that allows more than 90% of routine analyses to be effectuated within the company. The main strategy of this approach is to reduce the enrichment of oxygen in the wine during production as this compromises the quality. In this way, the wine is enhanced along with the richness and fruity aromas, due to the changes in temperature between day and night in the hilly environment and even the structure, a characteristic almost never associated with prosecco, but which is determined by the content of minerals in the soil in the Asolo area. It is precisely the medium-textured soil composed of marlstone and clays, at times rich in iron oxides, that helps confer greater body and persistency.

Montelvini, dedicated to research and the conservation of biodiversity, is continuing to invest in the restoration of the “Rediscovered Vineyard”, in collaboration with CREA-VE (Centro di Ricerca per la Viticoltura e l’Enologia – the Research Centre for Viticulture and Œnology), currently the only small-scale vineyard, already present on Napoleonic maps, within the Italian-style garden of the beautiful Villa De Mattia in the heart of the town of Asolo. At the beginning of next year, a clone of the typical Glera found in the area will be planted, after having virtually disappeared over time due to its very low productivity.