Intervista ad Alberto Serena

OCTOBER 21 2018
Montelvini’s owl brings Christmas magic under the tree

An elegant, refined gift box, embellished with golden details, designed to preserve the luxury bubbles of Asolo Prosecco Superiore DOCG. For the upcoming holidays, it is the Montelvini-signed, Christmas proposal that offers a packaging created specifically for the most prestigious label: the Asolo Prosecco Superiore DOCG Millesimato Extra Brut from the Serenitatis collection; highest expression of the denomination.
A unique product of its kind, since the Prosecco Extra Brut is created solely in the DOCG territory of Asolo. A selection of excellence enhancing the fresh character of the Glera grape and the exclusive characteristics of Asolo prosecco, i.e. the citrus aroma, flavour and structure. An ideal wine for toasts and brightening up the Christmas holidays.
The owl, symbol of Montelvini, reveals close links with the territory. The area where the winery is located is called Zuitere, or “land of the owls”, because Zuita is the dialectal term used in these hills to indicate the owl, which has always been a symbol of ancestral wisdom and knowledge. A true guardian of the territory that in this new Christmas packaging, in its sparkling and magical guise, represents respect for mother earth and its equilibrium, elements that have always been synonymous with Montelvini quality.