A strong group built to respond effectively to market demands.

The Montelvini group is designed to respond effectively to all of the wine market’s needs: Monvin is the brand that has historically produced wines on tap, and which has become famous in the market for its quality. Montelvini is the label associated with the territories of Asolo and Valdobbiadene, from which it produces a wide range of DOC and DOCG quality Proseccos. S.Osvaldo is the historic winery for the most characteristic DOC and DOCG quality wines of the Veneto region.
Today, the Montelvini Group produces 4 million bottles, of which 1.7 million bottles of sparkling wine, continuing, however, to set its own personal targets to achieve.


The hills of Asolo and Montello are two hill systems almost in their own right, characterized by an altitude ranging from 100 to 450 meters above sea level. The climatic peculiarities of this area consist of warm springs, summers that are not excessively hot, and mild autumns thanks to the south-facing slopes, the shape of the reliefs that are placed at right angles, to the cold winds coming from the northeast and the strong temperature variations between night and day.


Precipitation is about 700mm between April and September,
but it is thanks to the hilly ground, which allows easy disposal of excess water and the loose nature of the terrain, that allows fast subsurface infiltration. The landscape of the hills is characterized by a strong integrity that has preserved the original soils, favorable to cultivation and vineyards.


The winery S. Osvaldo is located at Loncon di Annone Veneto, one of the best areas for viticulture, bordering the Treviso and Friuli Venezia Giulia regions, known around the world. Founded in the thirties by the Hungarian Baron Lajos Babos, the Venetian winery has acquired, over the years, its outstanding quality, collecting prestigious awards for the great character of its wines.
Since 2004, S.Osvaldo has been owned by Montelvini, which, while maintaining its strategic autonomy, has permitted substantial commercial expansion, noticable from the production of around two million bottles a year, and from the presence of the label in the best Italian and international bars. Exports, in fact, represent 30 percent of turnover, covering a wide variety of foreign customers, from Anglo-Saxon countries to the USA, even reaching the Far East.
The winery aims to highlight the excellence of local vineyards, producing easily recognizable wines with a full-bodied character such as Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Lison Classico, Cabernet, Merlot and Refosco, where the exclusivity of production has been recognized for over thirty years.