Intervista ad Alberto Serena


Alberto Serena Interview

APRIL 30 2018

A dream among the vineyards. Interview with Alberto Serena


The Serena family, owners of Montelvini, have been dedicated to the production of wine with skill and passion for 137 years. They hold the utmost respect for the land and nature. Alberto Serena, the CEO, explains the values on which the alliance, which has lasted five generations thus far, has been founded.
Alberto, when did you first dream of breathing new life into a vineyard abandoned in such an evocative and historically significant place as Asolo?
Two years ago in summer, at a wine tasting at Locanda Cipriani, I met the owners of Villa Contarini who told me about an old abandoned vineyard that rose above a garden and their desire to restore it. At that moment, I imagined the restoration of the vineyard in all its glory. Our family has always been deeply linked to the territory of Asolo: we have been making wine since 1881 and this project represents a gift we give to ourselves, to our family, to our ancestors, as well as a tribute to our land, to Asolo and to the community. The vineyard, a stone’s throw away from the ancient city walls, is a priceless garden that we have “rediscovered” and that we want to become a shared heritage for everyone.
A pact with the land, a promise to be kept…what does “Alleati in Vigna” (Allies in the Vineyard) mean?
It means daily commitment, that which characterises our work on a daily basis. Ourselves, our employees, our agents and distributors and the restaurateurs who offer our products and who believe in the philosophy of Montelvini. We are all “allies in the vineyard” because we are called upon to become interpreters of the territory of Asolo Prosecco Superiore DOCG, to promote it and safeguard it.
In addition to these projects, what are the actions put in place by your company to promote and safeguard the area?
With regard to the environment, we try to preserve resources, curb energy consumption and the exploitation of the land, while also guaranteeing consumer interests. In the vineyard, the use of pesticides is minimised and replaced by the use of selective low or non-toxic substances. The grass covering the land planted with vines helps to counteract surface soil erosion of the hilly terrain and maintain the balance of minerals in the soil. The sub-irrigation prevents water dispersion. We apply this principle to all production stages, including waste disposal and packaging, and we favour the use of renewable energy.
Furthermore, in 2018, we started a significant phase for the qualitative enhancement of the production of Asolo Prosecco, by introducing a new vinification and sparkling wine production protocol. This has made it possible to optimally control the oxygen enrichment of wines, with the objective of exalting selected characteristics in our wines, in particular in the Serenitatis line, such as longevity, flavour and olfactory elegance, conferring elevated perlage and body to the product and reducing the amount of added sulphites.

Vinitaly 2018 Pedron


Alberto Serena Interview

APRIL 16 2018

Together with the beautiful Eleonora Pedron, the Serena family presented a corner of the “Rediscovered Vineyard” (Vigneto Ritrovato) at the fair.

At Vinitaly, Eleonora Pedron the beautiful Venetian showgirl and former Miss Italy, toasted, together with the Serena family and the Montelvinicompany staff, to the success of “Vigneto Ritrovato”, the ambitious project to restore a small vineyard plot located in the historic centre of Asolo.

Eleonora herself cut the ribbon and inaugurated the dedicated virtual exhibition that illustrated the various phases of the project and celebrated one of the most beautiful places in the city: the greenery, the vineyards and the ancient fortress that dominates the silhouette of the hills, were the real protagonists of an exciting experience thanks to projections, images and narratives. Eleonora Pedron expressed her enthusiasm for this initiative, which speaks of beauty and conservation of the typically Italian productive, historical and artistic heritage: fostering a vineyard in the heart of the beautiful town leads to greater recognition of the name of Asolo DOCG.

In 2017, Montelvini was also awarded the prestigious Special Award for this project at the fourth edition of the Vini & Consumi Awards.This is an initiative judged by a panel of 21 experts within the retail sector and supported by Tespi Mediagroup that serves to reward the commitment of companies in the wine industry that have distinguished themselves in the conception and realisation of commercial marketing activities and product and communication innovation.

In anticipation of the first bottles of wine to be created with the grapes of the “Rediscovered Vineyard”, scheduled for 2022, visitors were able to taste Asolo Prosecco Superiore DOCG from the Serenitatis Collection, following a new production protocol that was developed to confer even greater finesse and flavour.