The wine with sediment, in French “sur lie” is a Prosecco made according to the old-fashioned method, back when machinery for making sparkling wines did not exist. The sur lie wine, is typical of the queens of Nantes, where Muscadet is produced, a dry white wine with a light carbonation. In Veneto, however this method gives life to the Prosecco “Colfondo,” a sparkling wine fermented in the bottle, according to the typical tradition of the Treviso hills, with yeasts that are deposited on the bottom. When the wine is bottled, after a few weeks, it undergoes a spontaneous fermentation process.
The key point is the type of grape ripeness and the characteristics of the vineyard. For this reason, there are not many wineries that produce this type of sparkling wine, as not all wines are suitable to undergo spontaneous fermentation.

Genuine, unfiltered, and with very few sugars, Prosecco Colfondo is almost always found in traditional bottles with the typical wire retainer, and is increasingly appreciated and demanded both in Italy and abroad.
Our “Il Brutto Prosecco DOCG Colfondo” is a fruity and harmonious dry wine, cloudy and with a light deposit of yeast in the bottom of the bottle.