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OCTOBER 20 2018
Interview with Stefano Nandi, Montelvini winemaker

In recent days, Montelvini has closed the harvest season, a ritual that the company has been performing for over 130 years with the winemakers from the Asolo and Montello territory.
What will 2018 be like? We asked Stefano Nandi, oenologist and technical director of the company.
It will undoubtedly be a golden year in terms of quality and quantity, not only thanks to the favourable climatic conditions that have been with us since the first months of the year but also the introduction of new protocols for grape harvesting and for the vinification of sparkling wine bases. The wines are already showing good freshness, a good aromatic profile and balanced acidity. These characteristics are the right basis for obtaining excellent sparkling wines.
In more detail, between flowering and harvesting, what were the weather conditions like?
From the beginning of the harvest, the grapes have turned out to be beautiful, healthy, practically perfect bunches. This is because we had a balanced climate, giving us a cool spring and not too torrid a summer, with the exception of the first fortnight in August. This helped enhance the unique characteristics of the territory’s vines. The late summer thunderstorms did not cause any damage, on the contrary, they gave some breathing space to the plants that worked better at lower temperatures, not only from a quantitative point of view but also from a qualitative perspective.
There’s nature and then there’s man. Has the company used any new technical measures in the harvest this year?
We have put in place even stricter actions and parameters, not only for the grapes produced in our own vineyards but also for those from the local winemakers, with whom we have been collaborating for over ten years, often handed down from generation to generation. We have already begun this work in recent years and technically accompanied the winemakers towards a gradual, constant increase in production quality, thanks to technical advice on vineyard management and assistance in the field.
If you had to choose a wine or variety, which product from the 2018 vintage would be in first place?
The 2018 vintage has all the prerequisites for achieving a high level of quality in the final product for all productions. In particular, Asolo Prosecco Superiore DOCG will have a strong personality, also enhanced by the new sparkling wine protocol, and will be even more surprising for its elegance, finesse and perlage.